Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fail Harder

delves into the notion that experimentation and failure are key elements to a well rounded studio practice. Often the biggest failures lead to the best unanticipated outcomes. Featuring our nine resident studio artists, the risk of failure is confronted head-on as they spend three days and nights together in the gallery participating in an intensive making frenzy. The community of a shared studio is amplified while innovation and insight into process are highlighted in this year’s annual KINGS ARI studio exhibition.
Artists: Candice Cranmer, Bianca Durrant, Ben Millar, Andy Wear, C J Conway, Lucy Farmer, Fiona Williams, Rebecca Adams, Emma Van Leest

Above: Fail Harder Installation 1, mixed media.

Above: Fail Harder Installation 2, plint, bucket, water pump, orange paint.

All 'Fail Harder' Installation Documentation by Christian Capurro

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