Thursday, February 21, 2013

Goings - on


Candice Cranmer, Adam Knight, Sanja Pahoki, Ben Raynor.
Curated by A. A. Crosse

What is going on? Goings-on take place in backyards, small rooms with closed doors, cul de sacs, away from open stares. Activities that are a bit weird, a bit sus, not ominous though. What is Goings-on? It consists of four artists, engaged in a range of provisional activities, locally and abroad. It’s an exhibition set in Stephen’s shed.

Goings-on is the first event under the banner of The Task, a series of events taking place in unexpected places.

Exhibition runs 2-3 of March, 10-6
Opening event Saturday 2nd of March 3-5pm.
12 Etnam street, Preston 3072.

Installation Images : Clare Rae and Stephen Palmer.

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